7 Secrets To Parenting

Are You Worried That You Haven't Been As Consistent As You Would Want To Be and Your Child/Teen's Behavior Is Getting Out of Hand?

“Become the Type of Parent That Always Knows What You Are Doing, Never Feeling Like a Failure Again.”


These days it seems that everyone is an expert at raising kids; Dr.Phil, Supernanny, therapists and coaches. I’m sure that you have done your best, but these tips only worked for a short period of time and then you were back to square one or even worse. Maybe, some of the following has been your experience:

Are you so exhausted, embarrassed and disappointed from the daily power struggles and disrespectful behavior that you dread spending time with your kids?  And to top it off are you worried that if you don’t do something now your child’s behavior is only going to get worse?  Are you sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next phone call from another parent, the school or the police?

Are you ready to turn your child’s behavior around but you just don’t know how to get started or what to do? Or maybe things have been so bad, so chaotic or so out of control for so long that you are scared that it might be too late even though you know deep down that s/he is really a great loving kid?  Or worse, perhaps you feel that you have damaged your child for good and are racked with guilt.

Don’t despair. Read on…

Not too many years ago it was acceptable to spank, yell and use harsh punishment with children. In today’s world this is NOT acceptable and in some cases against the law. We also know that corporal punishment and belittling is damaging to children. As a result many parents feel that their hands are tied and that they have been stripped of their parenting powers.

And maybe you think that you will have to live with this intense problem and sadness until your child grows up and moves out.

Well, I have news for you. Not only do you not have to continue living this way, but I am about to show you how to take back your power and lead your child to a successful future.


Introducing: The Powerful Parent Family Leadership Training Program

With coaches Susan Epstein & Daniel Rosenkrantz

What we’ll do:

  1. Keep you clear and focused on your parenting goals and direction.
  1. Strategize your actions - so that you always know exactly what you need week in and week out to achieve your goals.
  1. Upgrade your skills – so that you can carry out your parenting plan with confidence and certainty. Having strong skills speeds up the process. We’ll find out what skills will help you the most and work together to improve them.
  1. Optimize Your Environment – So that there are fewer distractions and so that achieving your goals becomes effortless. (This program is really turning up the volume on this section. Your environment is this group…Hopefully, you will be so jazzed that changes will just happen.
  1.  Master Your Psychology – to overcome any fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, or insecurities that might be holding you back.


Meet Karen and her girls!
parenting powers

Karen worked with Susan for 11 months in one on one parent coaching. In addition Karen participated in 2 group coaching programs; The 7 Secrets to Powerful Parenting (8 week program in 2008 and she is currently a member of the The Powerful Parents Family Leadership Training Program.

"The reason I contacted you was because my life felt so out of control, from the kids to daily chores. I was depressed on top of all of that becasue of the death of my husband. I didn't know where my life was supposed to go after that and how was I suppsed to raise 2 daughters alone! But after talking to you on a weekly basis you helped build my confidence in my parenting skills and gave me lots of new and better ways to parent.

The major problem with Jordin was the back talk and disrespect toward Jenna. After staying calm and being a "robot" it helped so much with her. She still has her moments but they are no where near what they used to be. Jenna's biggest thing was telling me no and throwing temper tantrums. 1-2-3 and time out helped the most with her. Also the cards we made to help her learn how to clean her room was a HUGE skill that you taught me and her. As for me, you gave me the support i needed to go back to school. I now have more confidence in what I can do as a person and a parent. Thank You so much for everything you have done for me and my family!"
- Karen


How This 3 Month Program Is Structured:

  • One hour tele-class each month. Once a month you call in to hear an expert coach present on topics such as: Financial Wellness, Advanced Communication Skills, Family Wellness, Drug/Alcohol Prevention, Finding time to explore your creative self and more! I am still interviewing the best in their field and will let you know who these experts are asap.
  • Three 90 minute group coaching calls each month. Three times a month you and the others in your group participate via phone/webinar and work on your own goals. We are currently taking applications for Monday's: __2 PM EST/_1pm Central/_ 11am PST
  • Weekly check in with your buddy. We’ll assign you a parent buddy and at least once a week you connect via phone/email to check in and support each other on your weekly goals.
  • Reading various assigned books, articles, etc…Depending on the makeup of the group and the issues, we will provide you with a reading list that will be an extra resource to help you upgrade your skills.

  • Receive Susan's eBook for FREE - "Take Back Your Parenting Powers Today" - for free as soon as you register to be a part of the group!
  • Weekly journaling answering several questions. This is done within our yahoo group.We’ll provide you with  assistance and mentoring  to ensure that you are successful in documenting your progress.

  • Two 1/2 hour FREE one-on-one coaching sessions with Susan Epstein and/or Daniel Rosenkrantz



You have to be able to show up to 80% of the calls. (I know life happens and kids get sick and that is why I’m cutting you some slack but you’ll need a back up plan).

You have to connect with your buddy at least 1 time a week.

You have to commit to writing in your journal to document your progress and your experiences weekly.


How to apply 

Please read this part

We're looking for parents who are committed, willing to look deep within themselves, to show up for the calls, establish parent buddy relationships and participate fully.

To submit an application, copy and paste the following questions to an email addressed to: susan@parentingpowers.com

Here's our promise: if you spend the time to apply, we'll spend the time to get back to you by email to let you know that I got your application, and then again to let you know what we decided.


The questions! 

  • What is your biggest parenting challenge?
  • What have you tried in the past?
  • What are you hoping to learn from this experience?
  • After you learn it, what are you going to do with it?
  • Tell me a true story about a significant change you have made in your life.
  • What obstacles have you overcome in your life?
  • What did you do before you were a parent?
  • Make a wish.
  • What else should I know?
  • Include your name
  • Best phone #/SKYPE to reach you.
  • Time zone

Email us today with your application! susan@parentingpowers.com

This group will be very valuable to parents who are struggling with:

  • Feeling Stuck, Helpless and Hopeless
  • Staying Consistent
  • Following Through
  • Feeling Intimidated by Your Child/Teen
  • Feeling Like You Have Failed

We're going to read books, have discussions but most of all, do stuff. Try new methods, practice being fearless leaders, support each other and take lots of deep breaths.

Make sure to apply now to make sure to make it into the next group starting soon!

Email us today with your application! susan@parentingpowers.com