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Daniel Rosenkrantz

Daniel Rosenkrantz was born in San Francisco and grew up in Connecticut. During high school he worked as a mentor and tutor for kids aged 8-16 at the Parenting Powers Homework and Social Skills Group. Later, at the University of Rhode Island, he was a part of the Mentor Tutor Internship (MTI) program and spent a semester in local Rhode Island schools working with kids individually and in the classroom.

In the fall of 2005, Daniel travelled through Europe and India for one year. On this trip he wrote a great deal and later published a collection of poetry about his experiences. After the world trip he worked as Assistant Director on an independent film in Los Angeles, then lived in an ashram in the hills east of San Diego, where he worked as a fruit and vegetable farmer. Daniel went back to Europe in the spring of 2007 and settled in Berlin.

In Berlin, Daniel continued his work with MTI and was part of the founding staff of Berlin Kids International School - the first truly international school in what was formerly East Berlin. He also works as a child care provider, English teacher, and as a freelance editor/ designer for self-publishing authors. He trained with the Coach Training Alliance (CTA) and works with clients in countries around the world.

His teenage years were turbulent, being a child of divorce, changing high schools, and finding himself in many difficult situations. Daniel has first hand experience of the challenges and concerns facing youth today.

Daniel is the author of two collections of poetry, A Leave of Absence (2006), and Somewhere in the Middle (2008). He currently lives in Berlin.


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