Children's Bad Behavior

Your teenager is OUT-OF-CONTROL,
Your home is a hostile environment,
Everyone is walking on eggshells

You can cut the tension with a knife and you can’t wait until he or she grows up and moves out. You may feel guilty about wishing for this part of child rearing to end but the stress is just too much to take and you are finding yourself at the end of your rope.

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If this is your situation, don’t despair…instead read on…

You are about to discover exactly how to connect and communicate effectively with your teen even if it’s been years since you’ve spoken civilly to each other. Here’s how to finally have the kind of relationship with your teen that up until now you could only dream about.

My name is Susan Epstein, LCSW, Parent Coach, and I have been counseling and coaching parents since 1980. One of my specialties is working with families with Out-Of - Control Teenagers...

I am here to tell you today that you will survive those tough, rocky years and my son, Daniel, and I are here to share what worked and didn’t work. You’ll get both our perspectives and opinions and even more powerful you’ll get all the answers to all your most challenging questions.

How did we know that these are the most challenging questions? Well, we polled our subscribers and asked. So the questions are real situations from real parents with tough problems just like you...

"Jesse is my 16 year old son (1 or 4 children) who has been a challenge since he was 2 years old.  He has ADHD and therefore is filled with high energy, can have an explosive and violent temper, takes risks and makes bad decisions that were seriously affecting his education and future.  He skipped class so much he had lost 8 of 16 highschool credits in 2 years and those courses that he passed had very low marks." Read More

Toronto, Ont.

"My kids were also abusive towards me. It was mostly verbal abuse but on a few occasions, my son had either hit me or pushed me. I truly feared him because he is much bigger and stronger than I am. Being oppositional / defiant, I always feared that he would either hurt me, or my daughter, or my property if he didn’t get his way. So, I’d back off trying to discipline him.

With Susan’s guidance, I have made significant progress in developing a peaceful home life which I yearn for. I have a long way to go but at least my interactions with my children have become civil. I knew that I was making significant progress that day when my son said, “I want my old dad back!” Hopefully the wimp in me is gone." Read More

- Rich

If you are a parent of a teen or your child is approaching the teenage years, you’ll want to get your copy today...

out of control teens guide

In this very special book you will discover the answers to these questions and more…

  • How do I motivate my teen who is not interested in school?

  • What do I do when my teenager gets out-of –control?

  • How do I spend time with my teen when they don’t want to spend time with me?

  • My teen is much crazier than I was when I was his age. What’s the difference?

  • Why is my teenager so angry and moody all the time?

  • Where did I go wrong? My teen makes me so upset.

  • How do I handle my teen lying to me about where she’s been?

  • How do I avoid power struggles with my teen?

  • My teen is angry about my new relationship. Help!

  • How do I prepare my teen for college?

  • Does my teen’s diet affect his behavior?

  • How can I be a good role model for my teen when it comes to driving a car?

  • How should I regulate the money that my teen earns at her job?

  • What’s the best way to approach sex, drugs and alcohol with my teen?

  • How do I promote kindness between my teen and other family members?

  • How do I set limits on the latest gadget?

Are you ready to connect with your teenager and have the kind of relationship that makes you warm and fuzzy all over? Do you want to enjoy all the years of parenting your kids even during the difficult years? Then get your copy today...

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