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Presentation Topics

=> Get Kids To Listen…The First Time.  Every Time.

The biggest challenge parents have getting kids to listen, and the one little shift that can change everything that causes most of the disrespectful behavior with children and how to change it forever. Susan created and developed a system called Mindful Robotic Parenting which focuses on loving guidance and teachable moments.

=> Mindfulness & Non Medication Strategies to Prevent Explosions, Tantrums and Meltdowns.

Professionals working with children and families will be excited to have this up to date fun, creative training to help with engagement, retention and treatment that really works to prevent out of control behaviors in children and adolescents.

=> End Homework Hassles for Good

In this seminar Susan will uncover the biggest blocks and challenges that parents kids and parents struggle with around homework. Quick, easy, fun strategies to get kids to love doing their homework will be shared.



Great content, and the delivery was upbeat & humorous” – Sandra NJ

“Great presentation style and material.  Thank you for a very useful, hands-on course.  I love all the techniques” Cynthia, MD

“Susan, I am so grateful! Your Mindful Parenting is THE answer. I works wonders with all seven of my children and even my three granddaughters! With some, it just takes more perseverance. Our crowded, cozy little home has never been as peaceful as it is today. I have never enjoyed my children more than since your course, which means a lot, as they each have always been the best thing that ever happened to me!” ~ Haya (Israel)

“It was very nice to meet you and to continue to learn new techniques when dealing with my twins. I enjoyed the seminar very much, and am happy to have my husband look through the items as well.” Deoona L. (WA)

“Mindful Robotics really kept me calm and got my kids cooperating today. Wow.” ~ Deborah

Our 9 year old twin girls were having difficulties focusing on their activities, and as a family, we spent a lot of time arguing and feeling unhappy. We spent a lot of time fighting and stressing over homework. When we spend time together as a family now, it does not involve fighting, raising voice or arguing. Instead, we have fun together as a family, we do things together and we enjoy spending time together. The kids are doing well in school academically and our homework became a breeze. Thank you for everything that you have done for us!” ~ Elena

“It was such a relief to not have to feel that horrible stress peak in the morning before getting my children off to school. I can just get them ready now, by talking without being emotionally engaged.  My oldest son said to me last night “ mom, you’ve been much nicer.”, and I answered  “so have you!” We all feel the difference.”
-Annica Torneryd (Sweden)

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About Susan Epstein, LCSW

Susan Epstein, LCSW is the owner of Parenting Powers and a speaker /trainer for professionals and parents dealing with challenging and resistant children and adolescents. During the past decade Susan has authored five parenting books and two clinical manuals for therapists. She also has created parenting info products and provides parent coaching worldwide.

Susan Epstein, LCSW is an internationally recognized expert and author on children, teens, parenting and play therapy. Her work aims to help strengthen parent’s ability to connect with their children, build strong families, create compassion and empathetic children. Her practical, research-based advice is culled from a career of working with over thousands of parents and educators worldwide.

National Media Contributor
Media outlets regularly depend on Susan as the “go-to” expert on parenting, and explosive behaviors in children and adolescents. She has appeared on Fox TV, ABC and been quoted as an expert in Family Circle, American Baby, Parents, NY Magazine, The Day Newspaper and hundreds of online magazines and blogs.


Parent Magazine Susan EpsteinFamily Circle Susan EpsteinBaby Magazine Susan EpsteinNew York Magazine Susan Epstein

Susan is the author six parenting and educational books. Titles include:   “The Take Back Your Parenting Powers System”, and “Are You Tired of Nagging? How to Get Cooperative Kids”, “Your Out-Of-Control Teen, The Little Book With A Lot of Attitude: A Guide to Parent-Teen Communication”, “The Cat Who Lost Its Meow”. “Over 60 Techniques, Activities & Worksheets for Challenging Children and Adolescents.”  “55 Creative Approaches for Challenging & Resistant Children & Adolescents: Techniques, Activities, Worksheets”. Susan is working on her seventh parenting book, “Mindfulness and Non-Medication Strategies for Children and Adolescents with Explosive, Challenging and Resistant Behaviors.”      

National Presenter
Susan is a speaker/trainer for PESI since 2009 and travels around the country presenting her seminars “Over 75 On the Spot Techniques for Working with Children and Adolescents with Emotional and Behavioral Problems.”, Explosive, Challenging & Resistant Kids: Over 101 Quick, Creative Techniques for Children & Adolescents. “ Mindfulness and Non- Medication Techniques to Prevent Explosions, Tantrums & Meltdowns 101 Quick Tips for Children and Adolescents. “Tantrums, Meltdowns & Showdowns: Emotional Regulation Strategies for Children and Adolescents with ADHD, ODD, ASD & Resistant Behaviors.