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Children's Bad Behavior

Susan always knew she was meant to help people. She became a psychotherapist and had a successful practice. Realizing that the world needed what she learned, she knew she had to contribute in a much, much bigger way; Susan chose to leave her successful 23-year psychotherapy practice to launch a business in uncharted territory. In 2007, Susan created and grew her parent coach business,

By living her true purpose, Susan began coaching parents to successfully manage children and adolescents with challenging and resistant behaviors. She created information products (books, audios and videos) and traveled the country as a national speaker to over 200 venues. Susan has sold over 10,000 books and products and continues to write books and develop up to date books and parenting videos.

Susan helplessly watched many of her 'mom' clients sacrifice their own physical and mental health for the sake of their family and/or their business goals. After turning 50, Susan started yet another business dedicated to helping women create much better health in their lives. Susan laughingly states that when she figured out how to “have it all” she had to do more.

Susan then became a COPE Certified Health Coach through Villanova School of Nursing and now have helped over 1000 women lose weight, keep it off, never diet again. Susan is living her mission even bigger as she now sees these empowered women pass those healthy habits down through their families, as well.


Parent Coach
Susan Epstein

"Let me help you turn your child's behavior around in
7 hours or less"

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